Completed projects


Year 2011
Builder Simon Cunningham

The clients had a very clear vision for a replica federation dwelling similar to many weatherboard homes in East Launceston or Sandy Bay in Hobart. They arrived at the initial consultation with plenty of pictures & sketches to help illustrate their design goals.

There was an existing dwelling on the site which was small and in poor condition. The orientation of the rooms for views & solar gain were terrible so it was the clients wish to demolish and start with a clean slate. This meant that as well as adhering to budget, meeting time frames was imperative as the clients would be using temporary accommodation during the construction stage.

A Sewer main running along the back of the lot placed constraints on the building footprint so we needed to utilise 2 storeys cantilever the rear deck a massive 3.5 metres over the main. We liaised closely with Taswater for a few weeks & ultimately convinced them that the deck would still afford them adequate clearance should they ever need to gain access to their infrastructure in future.

Key to the success of this project was the client’s clear and uncompromising vision and an energetic builder that was able to provide the attention to detail & bring it all together.

Adams Building Design
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