Completed projects


Year 2005
Builder Damien Berlese

Designing your own home within the constraints of budget is always a challenge. Being so immersed in the building industry and constantly exposed to the amazing possibilities available the temptation to try and stretch that budget is ever present. This was the second home that had built for ourselves and our brief was for a 3 bedroom dwelling with an office accessed via a separate entrance offering a clear separation of private & work spaces.

We have a love for mid-century Architecture & Design and really wanted to incorporate those design principles while using familiar materials such as red brickwork & shale grey trim to help the house blend in with the existing streetscape. There are some obvious influences from notable mid-century architects & designers, incorporating horizontal planes, split levels, hidden pelmets, and internal courtyards.

The end result was a fantastic place to live & work but we felt was a little too isolated for many of our clients.

Adams Building Design